War Time Letters

War Time Letters



“War Time Letters” is a collection of seven hilarious, (and very fictional,) letters, sent from partners to their significant others who are serving on war fields around the world. There is one letter for every major conflict over the past one hundred years, starting with the First World War.

Ironic, satirical and at times just plain crude, this collection of outrageous letters will leave you rolling with laughter as you discover how the human race has evolved or maybe devolved over the last one hundred years.

This high quality mp3 download lasts for nearly twenty fantastically funny minutes and is written and produced by gough. Professionally voiced by Catarina Hebbard and gough and professionally recorded and edited at Able Studios “War Time Letters” is not to be missed.

So download “War Time Letters” today for only $2.50 and thank God you’re not serving in the armed forces and receiving one of these hysterically inappropriate letters.

This recording is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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