Episode 1


4th September 2020

Ask Win is a podcast where you are a VIP. It’s a friend, family, and international show. Win wants to focus and teach people more and Cerebral Palsy.

Jason Harrison

Is this man nuts? Jason Harrison is going to row a boat from San Francisco (USA) to Cairns (Australia) all the way across the Pacific Ocean unassisted. But before he heads off, he has dropped by the studio to tell gough all about it in this exclusive interview, we are the first and only media interview Jason has done. That’s right, Beernuts Productions has a world first exclusive – take that main stream media. gough and Jason chat about how he is going to achieve this incredible feat and why he is attempting this amazing journey. Weather, food, water, the boat, medical and health are just some of the topics gough and Jason discuss. So take a listen and then let us know, is Jason a bit coco-banana’s!!!!!! https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information on this and all other Beernuts Productions podcasts and projects.

Jeremy Hill – Guide Dogs

This week on the “Beernuts Productions Podcast” gough chats to Jeremy Hill from Guide Dogs Queensland. As you will learn, there is so much more to this association than just cute puppy dogs. Guide Dogs also provide orientation and mobility services, occupational therapists and counselling services. Jeremy also chats about the training that goes into not only the dogs, but the handlers, along with the rights of a Guide Dog. Plus the do’s and don’ts when you see a Guide Dog in the community and heaps of other really valuable and interesting information that you may not be aware of. A must listen, not only for those who maybe vision impaired, but the sighted folks as well.

Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman is an artist, photographer, writer, poet, teacher and just a general creative force of nature and he is gough’s special guest on this week’s episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast. Aaron and gough chat about his career, why he prefers shooting on film, why he’s passionate about teaching photography, his art installations and exhibitions, the advantages of being multiskilled and why poetry should rhyme (that’s a joke.) In short, a really fun, interesting and light hearted chat about all things art. For more information on this and other podcast episodes, please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/.

Mark James

This week on the Beernuts Productions Podcast, gough chats to ventriloquist, impressionist, comedian and all-round good guy, Mark James. Mark and gough chat about his comedy hero’s growing up, the process of learning the art form of ventriloquism and creating a character, plus a plea to club and bar owners not to forget about live comedy, when booking their live entertainment. We even get to chat to a few of Mark’s hilarious characters. A really funny and fun chat with an absolute champion of a bloke. Please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information on this and other Beernuts Productions projects.

Katie Sharpe

Katie Sharpe isn’t just a star actor, but a former champion beach volleyballer, a personal trainer and a general over achieving show off (kidding). Now based in the Netherlands, gough and Katie chat about her sporting career and heroes, her “Coach Katie” training videos and of course her acting career, including her work with Beernuts Productions. An inspirational, fun and entertaining chat with one of Beernuts Productions favourite people. https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information on this and other Beernuts podcasts.

Nicle Rowles

Nicole Rowles is a TV journalist and weather presenter and more importantly, gough’s special guest on this week’s episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast.” Starting life as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, she then turned her attention to journalism, TV presenting and the weather and gough and Nicole talk about all of it, including her thoughts on the nationalisation of news, seeking out independent news, social media, her advice to young journalists and her experiences doing live crosses. A really interesting, fun and informative chat. For more information on this episode and other Beernuts Productions please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/.

Nikki Hudson

Nikki Hudson former captain of the Australian women’s hockey team and Olympic gold medallist is gough’s very special guest this week on “The Beernuts Productions Podcast.” Nikki and gough chat about her amazing hockey career, highlighted by her gold medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Along with her thoughts on professionalism, what it takes to be a world class athlete and more recently her battles with mental health. A thought provoking, fascinating and entertaining chat with a true legend both on and off the pitch. For more information on this podcast and other Beernuts Productions projects, please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/ today.

Maia Rose Michaels

Maia is a very talented actress and gough’s very special guest on this week’s episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast.” Maia takes us through her journey, starting out in the entertainment industry and tells us about the projects she’s worked on and her goals for the future. Maia and gough also discuss audition tips for young actors, the difference between a Canadian film set and an Aussie film set and of course the Beernuts Productions project’s she’s been involved in. A talented young woman with some really interesting and helpful facts to share. For more information on this podcast and other Beernuts Productions projects, please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/.

Brendan Scott

Brendan (Song and Dance Man) Scott is gough’s very special guest this week. If you are wondering why he is known as the “Song and Dance Man,” well tune in and you will learn all about it. Brendan also has the honour of being the man who penned the amazing Beernuts Productions theme music and gough and Brendan chat about that as well. They also talk about his cabaret career, love of performing and his experiences as a vision impaired child going through the Victorian school system. The podcast then ends with one of Brendan’s original songs called “Old Friend.” For more information on this episode and other Beernuts content, please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/ today.

Catarina Hebbard

On this week’s episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast” gough’s special guest is writer/performer/producer/teacher Catarina Hebbard. They discuss her start into the creative arts and who inspired her. Plus her theatre company Indelability Arts, who work with a range of folks with disabilities. Catarina also talks about working for Beernuts Productions and gives some great advice to people who are just starting out on their creative journeys. A really fun and interesting episode with a range of topics covered. And as always, please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information on this podcast episode and other Beernuts Productions epics.

Chris Martin

Chris is a filmmaker, a podcaster and producer, he is also definitely not from Seattle Washington, but Vancouver Washington (which is just north of Portland Oregon.) He also is definitely not the dude from Coldplay, so people need to stop asking him to sing at their weddings. Chris and gough chat about his podcast “Getting Work to Work” and his new podcast, “Beyond Your Imagination.” Chris gives some great advice for podcasters who are just starting up and talks about some of the traps you can fall into. Chris also chats about his love of documentary filmmaking and the projects he has been involved in, along with the classes and courses he’s taught over the years. Certainly an interesting episode with an interesting character. For more information on this and other episodes please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/.

Ilia Chidzey

Ilia has been a friend and a colleague of gough’s for many years, but above all Ilia is a tremendously talented artist with a great sense of humour, so therefore, a perfect guest for this week’s episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast.” gough and Ilia discuss all aspects of her work, from illustrations to sculptures and beyond. Ilia also gives some great tips in regards to painting on glass and working with concrete and aluminium. She also discusses her portraits and of course the work she has done for Beernuts Productions. Ilia finishes the interview by promoting some unusual Christmas themed candles. For more information on this and other episodes, please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/.

Luke Ridden

Luke is the head honcho of Granddad Jack’s Gin Distillery and gough’s special guest for this weeks’ episode. Luke takes us through the interesting and delicate process of distilling the perfect gin. Along with the process of getting a distillery up and happening and winning awards within a year of being open. He also tells us about the new whiskey’s Granddad Jack’s is pumping out and the inspirations behind each flavour combination. He even brought in a few gins for gough to taste live on the show, which were much appreciated!!!!!! For more information please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/.

Beki Davies

This week gough chats to Beki Davies, a hugely talented artist from Northern New South Wales. There is not much in the world of art Beki hasn’t done, from gallery exhibitions and traditional canvas works to ceramics and installations. She is a wealth of knowledge and has studied art and even worked as a tattoo artist for many years. gough and Beki talk about it all in this wide-ranging, humorous and intriguing chat. So sit back and relax and enjoy the latest episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast.” https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information.

Kim Pilic

On this week’s episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast” gough talks to disability advocate and founder of “Forward Steps Mobility” Kim Pilic. After working with the blind and vision impaired community for well over 20 years, Kim is a fountain of knowledge and gives some brilliant tips and advice to everyone (both with and without a disability) on subjects such as orientation, independence and use of technology. Kim also debunks some common myths and they also chat about what a young gough was like. For more information on this episode and everything else Beernuts, please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/ You can also view this episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I_NFloEtX4

Randy Feltface

Randy Feltface, writer, comedian, performer and as you will discover, someone who has creative merchandise to sell, is gough’s special guest on this week’s episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast”. gough and Randy chat about his stand-up career, festivals he has worked at and why he enjoys them, his comedy style and collaborations with other equally funny humans. Plus his lack of a rock ‘n roll lifestyle and the kettle he chooses to tour with. So we hope you all drink in this episode of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast” and enjoy learning all about the funniest, most purpliest comedian on the planet. https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information. https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information.

Kristie Lea

On this week’s episode of the Beernuts Productions podcast, gough talks to singer, songwriter and musician Kristie Lea. Kristie starts off with an amazing cover of “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” and then gough and Kristie chat about her career, musical inspirations and influences, the local music scene and how she differentiates herself from other artists. Kristie then finishes the chat with an incredible original called “Two Sides.” We hope you enjoy this musical edition of “The Beernuts Productions Podcast” and please go to https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information.

Vanessa Angel

On this week’s episode of The Beernuts Productions Podcast, gough speaks to Vanessa Angel. They chat about her roles in Baywatch, Melrose Place and Weird Science. Plus working with the Farrelly brothers, her advice to young actors, audition tips and so much more. So make sure you check out episode 1 of The Beernuts Productions Podcast and enjoy gough and Vanessa’s fun, interesting and entertaining chat. https://beernutsproductions.com/ for more information.