The Education System

The Education System


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A common complaint of the current education system is that it has lost touch with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the real world, but is that true? Well gough has decided to investigate as only gough can.

After a series of hilarious examples of how the education system may or may not be appropriate in day-to-day life, gough then interviews the Education Minister, the head of the Teachers Union and parents of school-aged children for their thoughts.

This side-splittingly funny mockumentary has a tremendous cast and talented crew making it a typically inappropriate and wickedly funny romp, tearing not just the education system, but government and society itself apart.

Written and directed by gough, this high-quality download has a running time of 27 minutes and 50 seconds and can be yours to own for only $4.95. So download your copy of “The Education System” today and find out what’s really going on when your kids go to school.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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