The Diaries of the Stoned Lovers

The Diaries of the Stoned Lovers



Ex-pat Aussie Matt has settled down to a life of serious partying, drinking and smoking with his Canadian mates while more or less managing a Backpacker Hostel in Edmonton. This dedicated lifestyle is threatened when he bumps into Lauren in the local Newfie bar.

Sparks immediately fly between Matt and this rough but attractive red head. Fun, a few beers and a night together promise wonders to come, but next morning Matt finds her gone. The cycle repeats several days later. However this time Matt discovers that there’s more to Lauren than her party girl image suggests. She is a single mother to two young boys, struggling to break free from an abusive relationship. And now Matt has become part of the equation, because he cares.

“The Diaries of the stoned Lovers” is now available as an eBook in a PDF format for only $2.50. Written by gough, professionally edited and with the cover art provided by Miss Lola, this hilarious, heart-warming and fucked-up tale will have you both laughing and intrigued from the very first paragraph.

So download your copy of “The Diaries of the Stoned Lovers” today and see if these two love-birds stand a chance.

This eBook is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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