The Advertising Meeting

The Advertising Meeting


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Sales for “Aunty Beryl’s Burger Hutt” are in the toilet, so she needs to turn it around. So Aunty Beryl has turned to the crack (not crap) advertising team at Beernuts Productions to come up with an advertising campaign, so great, so inspired and so unconceivable that it just has to work. So “The Advertising Meeting” takes place.

Personalities clash, secrets are revealed, while tension and emotions run at fever pitch as Rachel (Carla Tooma) Robert (Patrick George) Marie (Luisa Prosser) Gary (Phil Davies) Brian (Matthew Filkins) along with some help from the big boss himself (gough) come up with a campaign that is absolutely fool proof and guaranteed to work.

This brilliantly funny short film runs for 22 minutes and comes in a high quality mp4 format. Written, produced and directed by gough, along with sidesplitting performances by this great group of talented Brisbane actors and a fast paced script, “The Advertising Meeting” will have you laughing manically from the opening second. Download your copy of “The Advertising Meeting” today for only $4.95 and see if you think Aunty Beryl’s Burger Hutt is in safe hands.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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