Prostitution – The Untold Story

Prostitution – The Untold Story


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Prostitution – The Untold Story, is Beernuts Productions exposé of this rarely talked about, but highly controversial profession. Beernuts Productions is particularly interested in the men who hire and partake in these after hours’ activities and why they do so. Notably, one Mr. Michael Norris, who gough has been tracking (without his knowledge or consent) for the past six months. We also get the insensitive and uneducated opinions from a fake psychologist on this most delicate of topics.

This hilarious mockumentary is written, produced and directed by gough and contains some brilliant performances by Cale Kampers, Rebecca Alexander, Wayne Bassett, Sabrina Matruglio, Lauren Boyd, Natalie Naomi-Lee and Serene Duff making this one of the funniest films you’ll see all year.

Simon Rose provides the outstanding production values and with a running time of 20.45 minutes this high quality mp4 download can be yours to repeatedly view from the outrageously low price of $4.95. So download “Prostitution – The Untold Story” today and laugh hysterically as you learn absolutely nothing about this most questionable of industries.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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