My Elastic Has Snapped

My Elastic Has Snapped



“My Elastic Has Snapped” is a story that involves a love triangle connecting three beautiful young ladies; The Childcare Worker, The Pizza Shop Owner and The Chiropractor. Each woman is damaged in her own unique way, but each is also just looking for peace, love and happiness in their world. As the story develops, this increasingly unhealthy love triangle escalates into something potentially very dangerous indeed. Will these ladies find love and get what they are looking for out of life? Or will their worlds come crashing down around them? Only time will tell as they fight for each other’s affections.

This dark and twisted love story is written by gough and is 34 pages long. It has been professionally edited and the wonderful cover art was provided by Miss Lola. This intriguing and entertaining eBook is now available to download as a PDF file for only $2.50.

“My Elastic Has Snapped” is slightly more dramatic than gough’s previous novella, “The Diaries of the Stoned Lovers,” however comedic elements are cleverly entangled into the drama making this an enjoyable and wild ride for the reader. So download this eBook today and discover how not to seduce the love of your life.