Life is stressful, time consuming and dealing with people can bring you to breaking point, mainly because they’re annoying and stupid. But never fear, Beernuts Productions is here to help.

gough has very kindly hired one of the world’s best, but more importantly phony meditation experts to conduct a meditation session to relax your aura and revitalize your soul. But be warned, she is easily distracted and has some underlying issues even the world’s best psychologists would struggle to fix.

Kristin Millar gives a truly hilarious performance as our meditation guru and guides you through a side-splittingly inappropriate meditation session. Professionally recorded and edited by Scott Whatman at the Recording Room Studios, this high-quality WAV format audio download is only $2.50 and is available to own right now.

Written and produced by gough this audio download has a running time of 23.10 the ideal time for this kind of hilarity and tomfoolery. So download your meditation session today and rest assured that you will never feel relaxed ever again.

This recording is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

Click below to listen to a free sample.