How To Land That Dream Job

How To Land That Dream Job


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After having all kinds of trouble hiring folks down at the old Beernuts Productions fun factory, gough has decided to make a little guide (mockumentary) on how to best conduct yourself during a job interview, thus giving you the best opportunity to land the job of your dreams, that dream job if you will……You’re welcome.

gough guides you through many job interview scenarios, however being a Beernuts Productions film, the advice given and examples depicted are mostly extreme and ludicrous, making this a hilariously funny film that you’re going to absolutely love.

Written and directed by gough and featuring an incredible cast and Simon Rose in charge of production, this 26-minute-long film is definitely a must watch.

Download “How To Land That Dream Job” today for only $4.95 and laugh yourself silly, while learning nothing about the employment sector. This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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