Jimmy Green and his Adventures in the Magic Forest

Jimmy Green and his Adventures in the Magic Forest



Once upon a time there was a young man named Jimmy Green and he had a tremendous adventure in the Magic Forest. In fact, the adventure was of such grand proportions, a picture book detailing it to the nth degree has been not only written, but illustrated.

Nineteen insanely inappropriate and raucously funny illustrations, hand crafted by the hugely talented Ilia Chidzey, accompany this equally misguided and comical fairytale. You have never seen or read a fairytale quite like this ever before in your life and it will definitely leave a lasting impression on you.

This eBook written by gough and with original drawings by Ilia Chidzey is only $2.95 and comes in a PDF format. So download “Jimmy Green and his Adventures in the Magic Forest” today, it’ll have you giggling inappropriately for hours after your first read through. But don’t be fooled, this picture book is not for your three-year-old, unless of course you want child protective services coming after you.

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