Episode 8 – The Melanie Holden Interview

Episode 8 – The Melanie Holden Interview


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In episode 8 of gough’s mock chat show series, he talks to Melanie Holden, child actor and star of the hit TV series “Alice Twigwhistle, Teenage Detective.” Along with her delightful Mother, Mrs. Gerri Holden. But what secrets and scandal are they hiding? Well it is up to gough to dig as deep as he can to find out and what he finds out will truly amaze you………or will it?

This slightly obscure episode in the Beernuts chat show series/format has an amazing cast including, Catarina Hebbard, Emily Coleman, Rebecca Alexander, Cale Kampers, Aaron Pearl, Savana Kelly and Taylah Gray and with a running time of 17 minutes and 55 seconds, this high quality mp4 download will leave you laughing, scratching your head and maybe even a little intrigued.

Written and directed by gough and with outstanding production values provided by Simon Rose, this episode is only $4.50. So download the latest in our chat show series and find out why sometimes it’s probably best to research your guests before interviewing them.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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