Episode 7 – The Gypsy Diamond Interview

Episode 7 – The Gypsy Diamond Interview


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Gypsy Diamond, the world’s most famous psychic, clairvoyant and all-round mystic, is gough’s special guest this week.

Gypsy speaks openly about her special gift – though she does see it more as a painful burden – along with her books, TV series and of course her sellout stadium tour. She also discusses her childhood and her passion for collecting rare and valuable coins. We also get to witness Gypsy’s remarkable psychic abilities at work and learn all kinds of fascinating facts about the spirit world and just what is out there.

Danya Cox gives a brilliantly funny performance as this gifted fraud, along with supporting roles superbly played by Beernuts favourites, Amber O’Reilly and Beau Jones. Written, produced and directed by gough, along with excellent production values provided by Simon Rose, this high quality mp4 download has a running time of 21 minutes.

This utterly hilarious mock-interview is the next in the hugely popular chat show series and can be yours for the ridiculously low price of just $4.50. So get your copy of “The Gypsy Diamond Interview” today and learn what the future has instore for you tomorrow……..perhaps.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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