Episode 6 – The Jimmy Poodle Interview

Episode 6 – The Jimmy Poodle Interview


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This week gough speaks to Jimmy Poodle, one of the world’s most famous football super-stars.

Jimmy speaks openly of his childhood, his record breaking soccer career and business ventures, not to mention his sordid and seedy after hour’s activities, along with his continual run-ins with the authorities and the media. But there’s more to this unique individual than plane hijackings, bizarre drug addictions and mentoring overweight youngsters, so when gough scratches beneath the surface, what he finds out might just surprise you.

Cale Kampers plays Jimmy Poodle, this inimitable and hysterical character with a performance that will have you rolling with laughter, making this a must see piece.

With a running time of just under twenty minutes and written, produced and directed by gough, along with outstanding production values provided by Simon Rose, this high quality mp4 download can be yours for the extremely low price of $4.50. So get your copy of “The Jimmy Poodle Interview” today and see if there is any hope for this professional athlete and jack-ass.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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