Episode 5 – The Barry Powers Interview

Episode 5 – The Barry Powers Interview


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Barry Powers, one of the world’s most influential men, drops by the studio for an in-depth chat with gough. As we learn from Barry, being Secretary General of the United Nations is not all fun and games and the stresses of the job can make you say and do some crazy things.

One of Australia’s finest comedy magicians, Jace the Ace plays Barry Powers, this very important, but very unusual politician with a performance that has to be seen to be believed. He’ll have you mesmerized and laughing hysterically at the same time.

Written, produced and directed by gough and with wonderful production values provided by Simon Rose, this creative, comedy, mock-interview piece runs for ten and a half minutes and will leave you spell-bound.

For only $4.50 this high quality mp4 download can be yours to enjoy for a lifetime. So make sure you download your copy today and see why Barry Powers might just lead the world into a third world war.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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