Episode 4 – The Jo Stains Interview

Episode 4 – The Jo Stains Interview


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Jo Stains, one of the world’s most beautiful and successful super-models, drops by the Beernuts studios to have a friendly chat with gough.

Jo Stains (Jackie Miller) is very honest and open when discussing her childhood, her career, including modeling campaigns for “Charlie’s Oven Mitts” and “Harry’s Hessian Bags,” along with her controversial love life, ongoing substance abuse problems and her charity work for suffers of tennis elbow. She leaves no skeletons in her vast closet as she frankly discusses her life and philosophies with gough.

Jackie Miller is simply brilliant as this hugely misguided and floored character and will have you in hysterics from beginning to end. Ilia Chidzey provides the hilarious art work, while Simon Rose provides the excellent production values. Written, produced and directed by gough and with a fantastic central performance from Canadian actress Jackie Miller, “The Jo Stains Interview” is an interview parody piece not to be missed.

This high quality mp4 download has a running time of over twenty minutes and is great value at only $4.50. This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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