Episode 3 – The Robby Pockets Interview

Episode 3 – The Robby Pockets Interview


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Great news, Robby Pockets, one of the world’s biggest and most flamboyant pop stars has stopped by the studios for a friendly chat with gough.

Robby and gough talk about everything, from his childhood to his philosophical enlightenment journeys through Asia, not to mention his charity foundation and of course his hit albums, including, but not limited to, “Three Legged Monkey,” “Bitches and Aeroplanes” and “Lick the Crumpet and See the Stars”. You will really get a fascinating insight into Robby Pockets and just what makes this super mega pop star tick.

Matthew Filkins (as seen in “The Advertising Meeting”) plays Robby Pockets in a truly hilarious performance. Ilia Chidzey (a Beernuts favourite) provides the highly inappropriate and riotously funny art work, while Simon Rose provides the outstanding production values.

This high quality mp4 download is written, produced and directed by gough, and is another in the hugely successful and wonderfully funny “interview/chat show” series. With a running time of just under twenty minutes “The Robby Pockets Interview” is brilliant value at only $4.50, so download your copy today and see why Robby Pockets is bigger than Jesus and The Beatles combined.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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