Episode 2 – The Ann Handle Interview

Episode 2 – The Ann Handle Interview


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Ann Handle (Liz Cantor) stars in the brand new hit TV series “Scrub Up, It’s Time For Surgery.” So she joins gough in the studio to chat all about that and the rest of her glittering, acting career.

Written, produced and directed by gough, this riotously entertaining interview takes many unexpected twists and turns as Ann Handle tries to stay composed through the intensely harsh grilling she is facing from a passive-aggressive and strangely moralistic gough.

Liz Cantor gives a truly brilliant performance as the besieged Ann Handle and with the professional production values provided by Simon Rose, “The Ann Handle Interview” is Beernuts Productions best work yet.

Running for just under 15 minutes this hilarious interview piece is only $4.50 and available for immediate download in a high quality mp4 format. So get your copy of “The Ann Handle Interview” today and learn why Ann Handle is now contemplating a career change.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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