Episode 10 – The Neil Maxwell-Smith Interview

Episode 10 – The Neil Maxwell-Smith Interview


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In episode 10 of Beernuts Productions mock chat show series, gough speaks with media mogul Neil Maxwell-Smith and on the day of his retirement no less. gough delves deep into the mind and psyche of this complex man revealing secrets and insider information the likes of which will truly amaze you. gough is even lucky enough to speak with some of Neil’s employees to get more of an idea about this truly unique and stereotype individual.

Written and directed by gough and starring Charles Limpus as the man himself Neil Maxwell-Smith, along with a wonderful supporting cast including, Lauren Boyd, Tilly Oddy-Black, Kyra Thompson, Vanessa Joy Bristow, Courtney Varley and Ella Rodionoff, this high quality mp4 download has a running time of 22 minutes and with expert production values provided by Simon Rose, this hilarious episode of Beernuts Productions mock-chat show is a must watch. So download “The Neil Maxwell-Smith interview today for only $4.50 and be terrified as to how close to real life this interview actually is.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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