Episode 1 – The Heather Roses Interview

Episode 1 – The Heather Roses Interview


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Gough, being the hard hitting journalist that he is, interviews the controversial and luminary figure that is Heather Roses, for your entertainment and viewing pleasure. They discuss her philosophies on life, love, along with her hopes and dreams for the future. They delve into her past, discussing her multiple careers as a real estate agent, actress and spokeswoman for “Anderson’s Knee Pads”. They also discuss Heather’s nine marriages, many court cases and troubling childhood, but that is only the tip of the Heather Roses iceberg.

Talented Brisbane actress Susan Fenn plays this larger than life character and will have you laughing hysterically from beginning to end. “The Heather Roses Interview” is written, produced and directed by gough and is Beernuts Productions first short film project.

Professionally filmed and edited, at nearly twenty minutes in length, this high quality mp4 download is great value at only $4.50. So get your copy of this outrageously funny mock-interview today and see why Heather Roses is a woman, once heard of, is never forgotten.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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