The Environment – “The Real Truth”

The Environment – “The Real Truth”


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The Environment – “The Real Truth” is a mockumentary all about the precarious state of the environment. So gough (Beernuts Productions intrepid reporter) sets out to investigate this critical issue.

gough talks to an Academic and Climate Change Expert, a Conservationist, a Park Ranger and even an Environmental Scientist and Researcher to learn all he can about what state our magnificent Earth is really in. But also, what we, as the general public, can do to help our fragile, but beautiful planet. However this is a Beernuts Production, so all the experts, facts and advice is hilariously ridiculous and will have you rolling with laughter.

Written, produced and directed by gough, this twenty three and a half minute mockumentary stars some of this country’s finest actors including, Blake la Burniy, Kate Peters, Maia Knibb, Cale Kampers and Darren “Dazzla” Lankester, making it a must watch.

With an experienced and professional crew bringing this high quality download to life, you simply have to watch The Environment – “The Real Truth” today for the incredibly low price of $4.95, after all, you don’t want to be accused of putting a dagger through the heart of Mother Nature – do you?

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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