Biography Of A Star – Christian Victoria

Biography Of A Star – Christian Victoria


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Last week one of the most influential artists of this or any other generation was laid to rest. That’s right, this mockumentary is all about the life and times of celebrated artist Christian Victoria.

Christian Victoria may have been best known for his series of paintings featuring tree frogs mating, but there was so much more to this unique and inspirational young man and in this biopic, gough is going to tell you all about him, along with an educated group of experts and people who knew the man intimately.

With a stellar cast including Catarina Hebbard, Al Gibson, Craig Ingham, Mark Edwards, Matilda Simmons and incredibly funny art works produced by the amazing Ilia Chidzey, this mockumentary simply cannot be missed.

Written and directed by gough and with Scott Whatman providing the first-class production values, this hilarious high quality download has a running time of 32 minutes and can be yours to own for only $4.95.

So download “Biography Of A Star – Christian Victoria” today and learn all about this creative genius.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

Watch a behind the scenes docco/trailer below