Beernuts Productions Promo Video

Beernuts Productions Promo Video


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Camel Savage plays a wonderfully gifted web presenter – with only a few small personal issues. She introduces you to the wonderful world of Beernuts Productions, the production company of the future. So what does Beernuts Productions have to offer? Well we present here in this 23 minute short film 3 (count them 3) short stories, starring some of Australia’s finest talent.

Erin, (Charlotte Rebecca Hoffman) is a talented artist, crippled by a serious case of obsessive compulsive disorder. While Amber, (Natalie Naomi-Lee) is a beautiful young woman who is making some poor life choices due to the undiagnosed depression she suffers. And “The Unknown Soldier” (gough) is a broken man after returning from conflict overseas. These three characters may have more in common than you would first think and a look into their lives will leave you a gasp.

Written, produced and directed by gough, these wonderfully intriguing, moving and at times hilarious, stories weave together seamlessly creating a wonderfully entertaining and wild ride for the viewer. Simon Rose provides the excellent production quality and the performances from a superb supporting cast including Matthew Filkins (As seen in “The Robby Pockets Interview” and “The Advertising Meeting”.) along with Sam Platt-Muniz help bring this story to life.

For only $4.95 this high quality mp4 download is great value and will leave you saying, what else does Beernuts Productions have to offer? This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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