Beernuts Productions Presents A Guide To Relationships

Beernuts Productions Presents A Guide To Relationships



Relationships are hard, challenging and full of rocky roads, twists and turns and hopefully some horizontal refreshment, so who better to guide you through this never-ending maze than gough.

Yes, gough has recorded down a well-crafted monologue to help you navigate the tricky terrain that is love. Taking you from the earliest stages of dating to the trials and tribulations of being in a long-term relationship, no stone has been left unturned in this outrageously inappropriate recording.

This high-quality WAV download is written and produced by gough and has a running time of 21 awesome minutes and 18 amazing seconds. Expertly recorded by Scott Whatman at the Recording Room Studios and voiced by the man himself…..…..gough, this guide to relationships will leave you wondering why gough is single after listening to all of his wonderful advice.

So download “Beernuts Productions Presents A Guide To Relationships” today for only $2 and maybe think twice before acting on any of the expert commentary.

This recording is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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