Beernuts Productions presents A Guide to Healthy Living

Beernuts Productions presents A Guide to Healthy Living



Have you ever felt emotionally or physically exhausted? Have you ever wondered why you have no energy, motivation or friends? Have you ever wanted someone to write and record a 14 minute and 13 second monologue about healthy living? Well wait no longer, because here it is.

Beernuts Productions is proud to present “A Guide to Healthy Living.” Written and performed by gough, this highly informative dribble covers everything from reliable methods of stress management, to detailed psychological advice, along with exercise, dieting and disease prevention tips. But that’s only the tip of the healthy living iceberg. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without Beernuts Productions guide to healthy living.

Professionally voiced and edited in a high quality WAV format, this recording runs for nearly 15 excruciatingly enjoyable minutes. And for only $2 its amazingly good value.

So download “Beernuts Productions guide to healthy living today” and be entertained tomorrow, possibly by something else.

This recording is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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