Beernuts Productions Presents A Guide To Adolescence

Beernuts Productions Presents A Guide To Adolescence



Well kids, finally help has arrived and it comes in the shape of me. I pull no punches as I tell you the truth about those tricky and turbulent adolescent years. You’re welcome.

Learn everything you’ll ever need to know in this one simple recording. Learn about why hair is now suddenly springing up in places on your body you never thought possible. Learn how to handle certain feelings and emotions that are now destroying your life. Get the inside word on how adults really think, act and why. And above all, learn about all the awesome stuff you can do once you turn 18, like voting, drinking and gambling. The world will be your oyster, ready for you to shuck and tear apart.

“Beernuts Productions presents A Guide to Adolescence” is written and performed by gough and runs for 16 politically incorrect minutes and 11 hilarious seconds. Professionally recorded and edited, this high quality WAV format audio download is only $2, can you believe that? Just $2. I must be insane providing all of these pearls of wisdom for only 2 freaking dollars. This wonderfully inappropriate and misguided recording will leave you in stitches. Both physically and metaphorically if you follow the half-baked advice. So make sure you download “Beernuts Productions Presents A Guide to Adolescence” today.

This recording is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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