Beernuts Productions New Range of Comedy Characters

Beernuts Productions New Range of Comedy Characters



Beernuts Productions is proud to present its brand new range of comedy characters, just in time for summer. Including, Jasmine, the Indecisive Gypsy, Boris, the Arachnophobic Spider, Sally, the Lactose Intolerant Nurse, Bruce, the Evangelical Ambulance Officer and that’s only the tip of this outrageously hilarious iceberg. Eleven characters in total will have you giggling all day long and most of the evening, wondering what kind of drugs gough was on when he wrote this sidesplitting nonsense.

This high quality WAV download runs for eighteen glorious minutes and is voiced by gough, Amber O’Reilly and Beau Jones, each putting in brilliant performances. The piece is written and produced by gough and professionally recorded and edited. And the best part is, for only $2.95 it could be yours to enjoy forever.

So make sure you download your copy and learn all about Reginald, the Horny Electrician and Harriet the Lesbian Hen today. You’ll regret it if you don’t, just ask Candice the Singing Accountant who just also happens to have a foot fetish.

This recording is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

Click below to listen to a free sample.