Beernuts Productions Dating Hotline



Have you ever wondered what kind of losers call up phone dating hotlines? Well wonder no more. Beernuts Productions has set up its own dating hotline and with a flagrant disregard for people’s privacy, you can now listen to the messages they have left.

Discover more about people than you ever wanted to know and thank God you’re not single and have to deal with this group of nut-bags, as you laugh hysterically at these dating hotline phone messages. You thought Craig’s List got all the crazies, well they have nothing on the Beernuts Productions dating hotline.

Written and produced by gough, this hilarious collection of twelve ad’s, (six male – six female,) runs for nearly twenty minutes, (19:57) and is professionally voiced by Shelley O’Connor, gough and Dave Evans. This recording is professionally edited and is available now in mp3 format. So download this riotous collection of dating ad’s today for only $2.50 and giggle uncontrollably at this inappropriate nonsense.

This recording is not suitable for those under 18 years of age due to strong adult themes and highly questionable material, morals and standards, though the audio quality is second to none.

Click below to listen to a free sample.