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The Environment – “The Real Truth”

The Environment – “The Real Truth” is a mockumentary all about the precarious state of the environment. So gough (Beernuts Productions intrepid reporter) sets out to investigate this critical issue.

gough talks to an Academic and Climate Change Expert, a Conservationist, a Park Ranger and even an Environmental Scientist and Researcher to learn all he can about what state our magnificent Earth is really in. But also, what we, as the general public, can do to help our fragile, but beautiful planet. However this is a Beernuts Production, so all the experts, facts and advice is hilariously ridiculous and will have you rolling with laughter.

Written, produced and directed by gough, this twenty three and a half minute mockumentary stars some of this country’s finest actors including, Blake la Burniy, Kate Peters, Maia Knibb, Cale Kampers and Darren “Dazzla” Lankester, making it a must watch.

With an experienced and professional crew bringing this high quality download to life, you simply have to watch The Environment – “The Real Truth” today for the incredibly low price of $4.95, after all, you don’t want to be accused of putting a dagger through the heart of Mother Nature – do you?

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.


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The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is a mockumentary about just that, the “so called” war on drugs. We look at it from all sides, the police, the drug dealers and users, the media and of course politicians.

With a fantastic cast including Matthew Filkins as Senior Police Detective Terry Jackass, Beau Jones as Bernard Waxman, all round drug dealer and user, Maia Knibb as Morgan Gold, award winning TV Journalist, Graham K Furness as Warwick Waxman, the Attorney General. And Beernuts favourite, Darren “Dazzla” Lankester as The Road Safety Bear, this 24 minute production will have you rolling with laughter as we rip the war on drugs apart from every angle.

Written, produced and directed by gough and with excellent production values by Simon Rose, The War on Drugs is exactly what you would expect from Beernuts Productions, a hilariously funny and satirical look at the issue at hand, where every side cops their fair whack.

So download this high quality mp4 video file today for the low price of $4.95 and see if you think the war on drugs is a war worth fighting - or even winning.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.


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Pornography – An Inside Look

Pornography is one of the worlds most contentious and debated industries, so Beernuts Productions (or more correctly gough) has decided to take it upon itself (himself) to investigate this lurid and highly misunderstood industry, a little further.

gough delves deep into the seedy underbelly of this fine city to discover all he can about pornography and the people involved. gough speaks to porn stars Cocaine Sammi, Tit's McLay and Jon Cox. Along with legendary porn director Harry Sack. He also chats with Reverent Hilton Redding and medical practitioner Dr. James Maguire. gough also gets exclusive footage of the making of a pornographic movie and so much more, you probably won’t believe your eyes.

This brilliantly funny and highly inaccurate mockumentary is written, produced and directed by gough and is one of his best works to-date. Ilia Chidzey provides the entertaining art work and with a stellar cast including: Darren Lankester, Amber O'Reilly, Anzjuli Venter, Sean Curran, giving hilarious performances, this twenty five minute short film is one not to be missed.

This high quality mp4 download is only $4.95. So make sure you grab your copy today and learn everything you ever needed to know (and probably some bits you didn’t) about this provocative commerce. This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.


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Beernuts Productions Promo Video

Camel Savage plays a wonderfully gifted web presenter - with only a few small personal issues. She introduces you to the wonderful world of Beernuts Productions, the production company of the future. So what does Beernuts Productions have to offer? Well we present here in this 23 minute short film 3 (count them 3) short stories, starring some of Australia’s finest talent.

Erin, (Charlotte Rebecca Hoffman) is a talented artist, crippled by a serious case of obsessive compulsive disorder. While Amber, (Natalie Naomi-Lee) is a beautiful young woman who is making some poor life choices due to the undiagnosed depression she suffers. And “The Unknown Soldier” (gough) is a broken man after returning from conflict overseas. These three characters may have more in common than you would first think and a look into their lives will leave you a gasp.

Written, produced and directed by gough, these wonderfully intriguing, moving and at times hilarious, stories weave together seamlessly creating a wonderfully entertaining and wild ride for the viewer. Simon Rose provides the excellent production quality and the performances from a superb supporting cast including Matthew Filkins (As seen in “The Robby Pockets Interview” and “The Advertising Meeting”.) along with Sam Platt-Muniz help bring this story to life.

For only $4.95 this high quality mp4 download is great value and will leave you saying, what else does Beernuts Productions have to offer? This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.


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Small Mercies

Talented Brisbane actress, Jacqui Story gives the performance of her career as "Sophia" in Beernuts Productions latest short film "Small Mercies."

"Small Mercies" is a story of an optimistic and positive young woman whose life is not quite panning out as she had hoped. Sophia (Jacqui Story) takes you through her life, piece by piece and continually tries to put a positive spin on events that are creating inner turmoil that she is struggling to deal with. Her life is now at the crossroads and even more shocking news has her scratching to try and figure out what to do next.

This moving, heart breaking and at times hilarious piece is written, produced and directed by gough and with a brilliant central performance from a superb actor, in Jacqui Story, this short film will have you gripped from beginning to end.

Professionally produced by Beernuts Productions with outstanding production values by both Simon Rose and Luke Garfield, along with original music by Jacob Agius and a wonderful supporting cast, this short film runs for just under twenty minutes and comes in a high quality mp4 format.

Download your copy of "Small Mercies" today for just $4.95 and watch a superstar in the making in Jacqui Story.


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The Advertising Meeting

Sales for "Aunty Beryl's Burger Hutt" are in the toilet, so she needs to turn it around. So Aunty Beryl has turned to the crack (not crap) advertising team at Beernuts Productions to come up with an advertising campaign, so great, so inspired and so unconceivable that it just has to work. So “The Advertising Meeting” takes place.

Personalities clash, secrets are revealed, while tension and emotions run at fever pitch as Rachel (Carla Tooma) Robert (Patrick George) Marie (Luisa Prosser) Gary (Phil Davies) Brian (Matthew Filkins) along with some help from the big boss himself (gough) come up with a campaign that is absolutely fool proof and guaranteed to work.

This brilliantly funny short film runs for 22 minutes and comes in a high quality mp4 format. Written, produced and directed by gough, along with sidesplitting performances by this great group of talented Brisbane actors and a fast paced script, “The Advertising Meeting” will have you laughing manically from the opening second. Download your copy of “The Advertising Meeting” today for only $4.95 and see if you think Aunty Beryl's Burger Hutt is in safe hands.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.


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Beernuts Productions first feature film…
a documentary entitled

I Will Not Go Quietly

A Story of hope and confusion


This world first feature film takes you through the life of “gough”. Fame, fortune, drugs, alcohol, disability and suicide.  This remarkable true story takes you through it all, step by step.

Interviews with friends, family and experts in their field, including; mental health experts, comedians, drug and alcohol counsellors, a neurosurgeon, education experts, and a relationship advisor, will keep the audience both informed and gripped on the edge of their seats.

This production is the first to be written, produced, edited, directed and starring someone classified as “legally blind” and will display the capabilities of those with a disability, while keeping the audience both entertained and enthralled.

Education, employment, discrimination, success and heartbreak this film captures it all. This brutally honest depiction of life as a visually impaired man will inspire, surprise fascinate, and captivate.

“I Will Not Go Quietly” is produced by gough through his production company, Beernuts Productions. To download this 90 minute documentary in an mp4 format and completely free of charge, please click on the Download Movie button.

To assist Beernuts Productions in making more high quality entertainment, please click on the donate button below. All money donated goes into making the next project, so please donate what you can and help this independent production company out. Thank you for your support and kind assistance.

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