Who Is Chris?

Who Is Chris?



Who is Chris? That’s the question that you will be asking yourself from the very first page of this intriguing and hilarious novella. Who is this unusual man and what is his story?

Seven people, all with varying experiences with him, give their recollections on this infamous man to try and help you make up your mind. There are also six snapshots of his life to also assist you in uncovering just who is Chris.

With fast paced witty dialogue, this is typical of a Beernuts eBook and will keep you guessing to the very end. Written by gough and professionally edited, this 45 page novella is a must read at only $2.50. This eBook comes in a PDF format and the cover art is provided by the hugely talented Beki Davies.  Who is Chris? is available to download today, so start reading and see if you can figure out, just who is Chris?

This eBook is not suitable for those who are easily offended.