Vincent – Memoire of a Mad Man

Vincent – Memoire of a Mad Man



“Vincent – Mémoire of a Mad Man” takes you through the life and times of a deaf mute, whose passion for art, truth and integrity, along with his willingness to succeed in life, love and work at any cost forces him to abandon his sanity, but never his dreams or spirit.

Vincent reluctantly must fight for what he truly believes in, however a slow descent into madness is what this troubled, but gifted man is forced to confront, and with little guidance through the tricky terrain that is love, life and all things good, success may not be an option for this deeply troubled, but brilliant man. After all, life is hard – it’s a miracle if you get out of it alive.

Written by gough and professionally edited, “Vincent – Mémoire of a Mad Man” is gough’s third and longest novella to date coming in at fifty two pages (over twenty five thousand words.) Funny and poignant, this easy to download eBook come in DPF format is great value at only $2.50.

So get your copy of “Vincent – Mémoire of a Mad Man” today and see if this trouble genius will finally get what’s coming to him.

This eBook is not suitable for those who are easily offended.