A Day in the Life Of A Personal Trainer

A Day in the Life Of A Personal Trainer


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A Day In The Life Of A Personal Trainer – is an in-depth look at just what trials and tribulations a Personal Trainer goes through each and every day. We follow Jackie Cooper, personal trainer, hypochondriac and flower arranger from the moment she wakes up in the morning, to the moment she goes to sleep at night and what we discover will truly shock you, in the most hilarious way possible.

Beernuts Productions has a proud history of taking a subject (previously Drugs, Pornography and the Environment) and ripping it apart. Well this time, it’s the fitness industry under the Beernuts microscope, with hilarious results.

The incredibly talented Katie Sharpe stars as Jackie Cooper, the slightly unhinged personal trainer. And with a supporting cast that includes: Phil Davies as Rusty Trombone, Natalie Naomi-Lee as Tabitha Dwindle, Craig Ingham as Dick Todger, Tanya Waltisbuhl as Delorus Clitorus, Lauren Boyd as Amber Light, Ray Croft as Michele Cornet, Amber O’Reilly as Brandy Wine, Aaron Pearl as Ingleburt Hopalong and cameo appearances from Beernuts favourites “Dazzla” and Cale Kampers, this high quality MP4 download will have you laughing until it hurts.

With a running time of 24 minutes this hilarious mockumentary is written, produced and directed by gough and with outstanding production values provided by Simon Rose, it is tremendous value at only $4.95. So download your copy today and see why personal trainers will never again speak to gough.

This production is not suitable for those who are easily offended.

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